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Use your wits at Hoodwinked Escape to solve puzzles, riddles, and codes to escape the room in 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes?

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Hoodwinked Escape is a unique and super fun, hands-on New York City escape game.

While it might simply look like a room, don’t let it fool you, you’ll quickly discover a mysterious puzzle of riddles and clues that must be solved to escape. You have 60 minutes to connect the dots through hints to hidden clues, working your way through this fun activity in Harlem in order to win your freedom and escape the room in New York, use your time wisely.

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Ask yourself, will you triumph in meticulously utilizing the clues and real props inside your room to earn your way out or will the secret way out remain hidden for all time? Do you and your teammates have what it takes to obtain your freedom?

Our Escape Games

Themed Room - Shadow's Nest - Hoodwinked Escape NYC

The Shadow’s Nest

2-8 people
Difficulty: Medium
It’s 1999 and you’re back in college!
You’re the life of the party but are in some serious trouble. Last night, you threw the party of the century and someone stole your most valuable possession – the school mascot statue!
Can you find it before the college dean arrives and catches on – or will you be HOODWINKED!

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Themed Room - The Experiment - Hoodwinked Escape NYC

The Experiment

2-8 people
Difficulty: Medium
By entering this room, you have volunteered for a human research project.
You may not like the conditions of Ward 116 but you control how long you are inside by first escaping confinement. The only way you will survive the experiment and come out alive is to escape captivity and bring back to life one of the most famous human subjects in history.
Escape – or get HOODEWINKED

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Themed Room - Spirit of Harlem - Hoodwinked Escape NYC

Spirit of Harlem

2-8 people
Difficulty: Easy
Your late Uncle Audobon left you his inheritance – the Crown Jewels of Harlem.
You must take a journey through his life in Harlem and experience stories told and untold as you find your way around the Mecca of Soul.
Escape with Harlem’s Crown Jewels of the past – or get HOODWINKED!

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Themed Room - Spy Academy - Hoodwinked Escape NYC

Spy Academy

2-8 people
Difficulty: Hard
Your identity is no longer your own. From her on out you will be referenced as Agent X.
While your training begins in a classroom, you will soon embarked on a high paced mission involving interrogation, overseas entrapment, and other top secret tests of emotional and mental strength.
While this is not a physical game, you must be ready for adrenaline pumping fun if you want to graduate from the Spy Academy – or be HOODWINKED

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Hoodwinked Escape Room in Manhattan has some of the most ingenious, exhilarating, and memorable escape room games in Upper Manhattan. The NYC escape games in Hoodwinked have been professionally crafted to ensure a remarkable and curious challenge — which is suitable and extremely exciting for all ages. We are definitely the right choice for your corporate NYC team building ideas, birthday parties, proposals, gender reveals, or just a fresh activity to add some more mystery to your days and nights out.

We create experiences that are highly reviewing with many saying, “this is the best escape the room NYC has to offer”, and “a home-run near me escape room”. What better way to stimulate and excite your mind than with live puzzles, tests, and enthralling brainteasers! We strive to get you to strategize, innovate, and use logic like you’ve never done before. Each of our rooms can host groups of 2 to 8 players at a time, and the fun happens in specially built rooms with unique themes. As a top New York City escape the room, we give you the power and convenience to book your own private room if you like or enjoy it with new potential friends! 

How To Play


Use your senses and instincts to find clues that will help solve our brain-teasing mysteries.


Use teamwork and communication skills to piece together clues to complete the missions.


Make your way through the challenges and escape the room before the time runs out.

We offer a Manhattan escape room experience with unique designs and memorable real life and propped themes.

Our escape rooms in NYC have authentic narrative storylines, making them one of the most interesting and highly rated things to do in Harlem.

Kids escape room are all the rage! Want to put a smile on your child’s face? Our current rooms are also open as children’s escape rooms.

We are centralized in NYC, and close to public transportation. If you’re wondering “what’s a great escape the room around me?, you found a convenient venue to play in with your teammates for a teamwork idea in NYC.

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